West Neck Harbor ︎

The relation between architecture and its site, the built and the natural, has been a perennial disciplinary preoccupation. The project attempts to engage these questions through the design of a master plan for a 5-acre private waterfront property located on the southern tip of Shelter Island, NY. The clients—a photographer and a sculptor—were interested in exploring strategies to amplify their daily experience of the site and its natural features.

Our proposal incorporates the vocabulary of the familiar organic geometries of the coastline to produce a series of topographical interventions, elements that through subtle changes in elevation leave distinct traces on the landscape to stage episodes or events that activate previously underutilized areas of the site. These proposed platforms suggest unexpected ways of connecting with nature, land and water, choreographing new rituals for inhabiting a territory.

Type: Concept-Master Plan
Area: 5 Acres
Location: Shelter Island, NY
Year: 2017
Team: Julián Palacio, Sean Baccei, Brian Holland, Konstantina Koligliati, Hana Svatos, Shawn Wang