La Carlota Air Base currently occupies a site located in the very heart of Caracas, surrounded by a busy intersection of highways, urban life and nature. The purpose of the competition is to generate a master plan to transform this 100 hectare military airfield into a new metropolitan park for the almost 6 Million inhabitants of the city.

Our proposal carefully deploys a series of strategies to allow the new park to become a catalyst for the area and the city. On the one hand, the park reaches out and connects to its immediate context, becoming a seamless extension of Parque del Este, allowing itself to merge as part of a larger network of urban open and green spaces. Simultaneously, the proposal strives to create a robust ecosystem capable of supporting, enhancing and exposing the natural diversity of Caracas.

Through the manipulation of the topography we are capable of defining discrete programmatic areas that are articulated through circulation loops that operate across different scales. The new landmass is expressed  in the form of natural basins and plateaus that allow for the natural collection and redistribution of  water during flooding cycles, making topography an active participant in the life of the park.

Programmatically, the park establishes a dialog with the surrounding area, responding to the scales and activities along its perimeter with multifunctional spaces: sport fields, greenhouses to cultivate plants that will green the plazas and streets of Caracas, an event space for large concentrations, and a botanic garden for species at risk of extinction

Type: Master Plan Competition
Area: 100 hectares
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Year: 2012
Team: Julián Palacio in collaboration with David Maestres, David Gouverneur, Oscar Grauer, Nuri Bofill, Nicholas Pevzner, Maria Villalobos, Carla Urbina, Hye Ri Moon, Taylor Sams, and Steven Shimamoto

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