The relation between architecture and its site, the built and the natural, has been a perennial disciplinary preoccupation. Landscape Formations is a project that attempts to engage these questions through the design of a masterplan for a 5-acre private waterfront property located on the southern tip of Shelter Island, NY. Ultimately, this project is an opportunity for testing how architecture becomes instrumental in the re-making of a place, mediating the reading of an existing territory. The clients, a photographer and a sculptor,  were interested in exploring alternative ways to amplify the experience of the captivating site and its natural features. Our proposal, which works with the familiarity of the curved geometries of the coast, consist on a series of minimal interventions, sutil but distinct traces on the ground that create a number of “syncopated” episodes or events, stages or platforms that suggest unexpected forms of connecting with the land, elements that choreograph new rituals for the inhabitation of a territory. 


Type: Concept-Master Plan Area: 5 acres Location: Shelter Island, NY Team: Julián Palacio, AIA; Sean Baccei; Brian Holland; Konstantina Koligliati; Hana Svatos; Shawn Wang Year: 2016